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Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration Programs: All you need to know

Canada is in great need of immigrants to continue the excellent economic growth the country has experienced over the past few years. To keep up with the trend the country keeps increasing immigration targets to numbers over 300,000 every year. For this reason, the country has developed a highly diverse and flexible list of Canada Immigration Programs. Continue with this page to find detailed, up-to-date information on every single route you can take to Canada. Are you ready to take the next step in your Canadian journey? With over 70 different visa and immgration options to choose from, the process can be quite complex. We’ve narrowed down the most popular ways to approach immigration to Canada!

01 .

Professional and Skilled Worker Program

Canada has a labour shortage crisis in various occupations, including professional and intermediate jobs. In order to deal with the shortage of workers, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has created three skilled worker categories to make immigration to Canada easier for skilled international workers.

02 .

Provincial Nominee Program

Want to live and work in Canada? The Provincial Nominee Program gives the provinces and territories of Canada the chance to nominate immigrants to move to the country if they have the right level of work experience, skills and education that the province or territory needs. Each Provincial Nominee Program has different requirements depending on where you apply.

03 .

Family Sponsorship

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04 .

Business Immigration

Want to talk shop? If you are business savvy and have a great business plan to implement in Canada, then you are on the right track. Canada has experienced growth in major industries in the past year: oil, gas, consumption, housing, agriculture and business investment. Canada has fast and efficient business immigration streams for foreign nationals who want to be self employed in Canada

05 .

Study In Canada

Live, study and work part-time in Canada as an international student! Canada is a remarkable place to attain your higher education. With universally acclaimed educational institutions and a strong public schooling system, the country hosts a variety of programs to help you with the Canadian learning experience. Canada could be your doorway to a student grant or even an international scholarship.

06 .

Visitors Visa

A Visitors Visa will allow you to visit Canada as a tourist. Unlike other Canada Immigration programs, it is typically quite easy to get your Visitors Visa. So if you only want to visit Canada for holiday this is the perfect option for you. Once you get there we are sure you will not want to leave.

07 .

Temporary Visa

Do you want to stay in Canada for a brief period of time? Perhaps to explore the wonders of Canadian nature and architecture? Or do you want to gain temporary Canadian work experience? Whatever path you choose, there is a Canadian Visa that can help you attain your goal.

08 .

Language Center

How well do you speak English or French? Understanding either language will help you find work in the Canadian job market and allow you to be a functional member of Canadian society. You must prove your language ability on your immigration application with results from an approved language test, like IELTS (English), or TEF (French). Prepare right here!

09 .

Permanent Residency

What does it mean to be a permanent resident of Canada? What are you allowed to do as a permanent resident? What is a Canadian Permanent Resident Card? How do you apply for Canadian permanent residency? Here we will answer all of your questions about immigration to Canada and permanent residency.

10 .

Express Entry

Taking only 6 months, Express Entry is one of the fastest and efficient immigration streams around. Created in 2015, Express Entry was designed to help Canada deal with labour shortages. It allows immigrants to migrate to Canada based on a point system called the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The system scores multiple factors like age, education etc.

11 .

Pilot Programs

There are three limited term immigration pilots that were created to address particular shortages in Canada’s labour market. If you want to live and work in Canada permanently, the path to permanent residency lies in one of these pilots, whether you’re an unskilled, semi-skilled or skilled worker. If you have experience and/or the necessary qualifications, you can begin the application today.

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