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Language Courses - Tandek
Exchange your mind - Studime jashtë vendit - Work and Travel

Language Courses

Know little English, Spanish, French, German … You can now acquire the language in which this language is spoken. Tandek offers alternatives to various courses in the USA, England, Canada, Australia, Malta, Germany, France or South Africa. Where better than native born speakers is foreign language taught?

“If you talk to someone in a language that he understands, it penetrates into his mind. If you talk to him in his tongue, it penetrates into his heart. “(Nelson Mandela)

Today, there are about 7,000 different languages spoken in the World.

Did not you know? There are different languages belonging to different cultures and customs that help locally to integrate people. The more foreign languages you know, the bigger the opportunities to integrate into a larger community, and the greater the chances of extending your horizon horizontally. A more foreign language makes you more appreciate the World and your place within it. A foreign language gives you access to a new literature, new music and new art. Combining foreign language skills with other areas of expertise multiplies job opportunities, opening up new career paths, travel, business, technology, diplomacy, journalism, education, or countless other areas. Do you just speak English? This is not always enough.

Here are some benefits that brings you a foreign language:

  • It helps you understand the World better.
  • It improves your memory
  • Be smarter
  • It strengthens your knowledge of Albanian as well as strengthens your results in other subjects.
  • Adds you the “multitasking”
  • Adds decision-making skills
  • Adds chances of admission to foreign universities
  • Make new friends
  • Tourist trips become more interesting and more efficient
  • It’s a very important asset of your professional Curriculum
  • Increases communication
  • You increase self-esteem

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Tandek Exchange your mind is an agency that provides services for programs that primarily focus on Albanian students who want to benefit from cultural exchange experiences, to form and qualify outside of Albania to be prepared to cope with the challenges and dynamics of globalization.

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