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The Department of Education Community offers the following Bachelor Programs:


English for International Corporate Communication BA (HONS) – TOP-UP 1 year

This degree aims to help students develop professional skills in English across a wide range of business-related domains and will be of interest for anyone wishing to work or has already worked in communication-oriented careers related to international business and management. It will prepare students for any career or field of postgraduate study requiring a mixture of business knowledge, high-level English language skills and cultural awareness, e.g. public relations, marketing and advertising. The distinctiveness and strengths of the course lie in the emphasis on the application of intercultural and communication theories to work-related contexts through a program of compulsory modules and optional pathways.


English Language and Creative Writing BA (HONS)

Fancy yourself as the next J K Rowling or E L James? Develop the skills and techniques to produce short stories, poetry and play scripts as you learn to analyze writing across a range of genres. Our English language modules will help you delve beneath the surface of language to explore the connections between sound and meaning and how English has developed over time. Learn how to analyze writing and speech in different ways and how to harness your own creativity in producing a variety of literary texts with expert support from our tutors.


English Language and Linguistics BA (HONS)

Whether your passion is for how language works, how language is used in different communicative contexts, or how to teach English to speakers of other languages, the English Language and Linguistics degree will have something to offer you. Taught by a dedicated team of active researchers, this is a flexible program which enables you to specialize according to your own individual interests and future career plans. In focusing on the development of written skills, providing work-experience opportunities and offering an exciting and unique suite of career-oriented modules, the degree has everything you need to help you realize your potential and impress future employers. Studying the TESOL route allows you to gain the internationally recognized professional teaching qualification (Trinity Cert TESOL) alongside your undergraduate degree.


English Language and Literature BA (HONS)

Explore and analyze the relationship between language and the development of literature as you work with a range of materials, including classic literary texts and popular media texts such as adverts, describing, analyzing and interpreting data, developing great skills for the workplace. You’ll develop skills relevant to a wide variety of careers; your skills of analysis and interpretation, your communicative skills (oral and written), and your ability to construct a coherent argument will all be enhanced through your study of these subjects. This degree is particularly useful if you are intending to teach English at secondary level, where it is increasingly vital for you to demonstrate knowledge of both language and literature.


English Literature and History BA (HONS)

Join us to share your enthusiasm for English Literature and History. This new course includes the study of traditional literature by figures such as Shakespeare and Dickens alongside options in American literature and culture, gothic, graphic novels, theatre, film, children’s literature and the fairy tale. You’ll approach history from many different directions, from cultural history, social and gender history to international history and politics. You’ll learn about the relationship between literature and culture, and explore a variety of eras from the early modern to the contemporary. You’ll also learn to communicate with clarity and precision, acquire expertise in literary and historical analysis and develop important research and presentation skills.


English Literature BA (HONS)

Join us to share your enthusiasm for English Literature. Our innovative course includes the study of traditional figures such as Shakespeare and Dickens alongside options in American literature and culture, gothic, graphic novels, drama, theatre, film, children’s literature and the fairy tale. You’ll learn about the relationship between literature and culture, understanding the vital role played by literary productions in interpreting the world around us. You’ll also learn to communicate with clarity and precision in oral and written forms, appreciating the value of aesthetic qualities in all modes of human interaction. You can participate in a Live Literature project – our students have organized creative writing events, worked with literary festivals and book awards, as well as organizing a major ‘Comicon’ event.


English with a Modern Language BA (HONS)

If the structure and usage of the English language fascinates you, our English Language and Linguistics pathway is for you. If you love exploring and analyzing literary texts and their relationship to society and culture, opt for our English Literature route. Your Modern Language studies will focus on developing excellent verbal and written communication skills in your chosen language while exploring the society and culture of the countries where your language is spoken. You will have the opportunity to spend a period abroad in order to immerse yourself in that language and culture.


Modern Languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish) BA (HONS)

A three or four-year program, depending on whether students choose to spend a year studying abroad. Students will study two languages at the same time with the possibility of a third language later on. This course will develop formal and informal language and communication skills and will introduce students to translation and interpreting techniques. Our students also debate a range of topics, including history (current and past), politics, social and cultural issues, film and music, literature and area studies. The course will develop many other transferrable skills, such as time management and organization; cultural understanding; working both independently and as part of a team.


Modern Languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish) BA for International Business BA (HONS)

The advanced command of a foreign language coupled with business expertise is an increasingly valuable asset in a global economy. This degree offers students the chance to enhance their learning through integrated placements at every level, including a semester abroad. They will develop linguistic confidence and an understanding of a range of topics relevant to the business world, as well as to specific territories linked to the language of choice, this will help students to make the most of internationally oriented career opportunities.


Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages and Modern Languages BA (HONS)

Whether you are a beginner or you have an A Level in your chosen language, you’ll find the combination of a foreign language and teaching English a stimulating and career-enhancing degree option. You’ll also gain classroom teaching experience and have the opportunity to achieve an academic and internationally recognized professional qualification. The course develops confidence, organizational, analytical and people skills along with cultural awareness and aims to consolidate and strengthen your existing knowledge of grammar and expression.


Education and History BA (HONS)

This degree is perfect if you have aspirations to teach history at secondary school level or beyond. The Education aspect of the course allows you to develop an understanding of educational theories, policies and practice, and apply these to past and present educational issues, whilst the History modules cover different periods, topics, places and approaches, from early modern times to contemporary history; different areas including North America, Europe, Asia and Africa; and additional insights into museums and heritage. This means you will be well equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to teach with a high level of subject expertise, and you will also have broader skills as a team-worker and communicator which will be huge assets in any graduate workplace.


Education and Psychology BA (HONS)

The way we develop and learn as children underpins our entire lifespan. This degree will give you a sound understanding of Psychology in an educational context. You’ll explore learning, memory, thinking and language, as well as the problems encountered by young people in education – things like learning difficulties and social or emotional problems. In the first year you will study the core areas of cognitive, social, psychobiology and developmental psychology. In Years 2 and 3 you will study specific modules concerning the application of psychology in educational settings. You’ll graduate with the ability to enhance children’s learning and enable teachers to become more aware of the social factors affecting teaching and learning.


Education and Sociology BA (HONS)

Are you looking to develop your understanding and knowledge of educational theories, policies and practice, and apply these to past and present educational issues? This degree looks at the influences on the development of the education system, the curriculum, and learners with disabilities. In addition to studying the core social theories and research methodologies, you will explore and debate a range of sociological themes. You’ll gain comprehensive knowledge of these two disciplines and will develop a range of skills and practical experience which will enable you to pursue either educational or sociological study at a higher level, so that you can then develop your career in either in an educational field.


Education Studies BA (HONS)

This course enables students to take their interest in education and learning to degree level and study educational systems and experiences from early years to lifelong learning. There is a particularly strong focus on issues relating to inclusion for diverse learners from non-traditional backgrounds such as race and ethnicity, poverty and deprivation, gender, disability and learning difficulties, sexuality, mental health, as well as those who are subject to abuse or bullying. The course is tailored to meet the interests of students who aspire to go on to teach (or develop their existing practice) with exploration into the application of learning theories, the curriculum, the role of teachers and the shared nature of learning between schools, families and professionals.


British Sign Language and Deaf Studies BA (HONS)
British Sign Language (BSL), sign linguistics and deaf studies at UCLan have long been recognized for world-leading research, continuous top student satisfaction rates and pioneering work on the development of employability skills, which by studying your degree with us, means that you can benefit from UCLan as the leading Higher Educational Institution in the UK for the training of BSL-English interpreters. You’ll study an undergraduate degree course which covers all aspects of deafness as a social and cultural phenomenon and will enable you to develop a fluency in British Sign Language. The wealth of modules available to choose from will give you the advantage to design a course to meet your individual interests and career goals.


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English (IELTS Academic 6.0, TOEFL 78)
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High School Diploma and Transcript
Institution University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)
Department Education Community and Social Services
Program Starting September
Program Duration 3 Years
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