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School system

Australia has an excellent education system, which is based on the principle of “all-day school” schools. Pupils can study in public and private schools. The Australian school system consists of 12 years of schooling. Foreign students are usually classified in the 10th or 11th grade. The school year in Australia starts at the end of January and ends in December. The school year consists of 4 semesters with 10 weeks of instruction. There are about 2 weeks of break between each semester. Summer vacations last from December to the end of January. Pupils can start school in Australia every semester, and can study without any defined duration.

Semester 1: January – April
Semester 2: April – June
Semester 3: July – September
Semester 4: October – December


School performance has a high priority in Australia. Classroom prevails in a quiet atmosphere where students learn in small groups. Classes are divided into courses. Each student has his own schedule, which is compiled by both compulsory and optional courses. Among the compulsory subjects commonly include English, math and history. The school in Australia is an important center of social life. After the teaching many “extracurricular activities” begin. After learning, numerous sports activities make it clear that school can be fun. Because Australians are a spor-love nation, students can choose to play sports such as rugby, cricket, surf, riding, etc.

Academic Counselor

The counselor is available to any student who discusses all matters relating to the school and helps to create a study program based on specific interests. It cares for all aspects of foreign students and helps them in further school programs in Australia.

Education and Homestay Fee

Since all schools (including public) foreign students pay school fees and accommodation with a host family “Homestay Tariff” which explains the higher program price compared to the US Classic Program, where school requires school fees and receiving parents receive financial assistance. For this reason, the price of the program depends on the location of the school which is different from school to school. For a list of school prices, check out here.

Host families

Australian families are proud of their country, their way of life and are happy to share a guest in their lives. Some families want to expect two students in their family, but never with the same native language. So you always learn another culture. Each student has their own room. Australians are very close to nature and use their leisure time for many outdoor activities like surfing, swimming, rowing, hockey, tennis, scuba, cricket, football, rugby, and more.

Host families have been carefully selected by the Homestay Coordinator. The families you will be staying will be periodically checked. In addition, families take custody throughout your stay.

Degree in Australia

Students from Albania graduated from high school in Australia have the option of continuing the University in Australia or in other countries. Gymnasium diplomas are internationally recognized but in any case contact the Tandek Exchange your mind, to know more about your plan after the gymnasium.


Tandek offers you the best possible preparation for your school year in Australia.


Twice a year we and your parents hold a preparatory meeting. You get detailed information about high school and life in a host family.

Tandek and the former students will answer your queries. Another preparatory meeting occurs after arriving in Australia.


Each student is required to apply for a visa, regardless of the length of stay. All the required visa documents you get from Tandek.


The journey will only be realized with well-known airlines. In cases of over 10 participants, the groups are accompanied by a “representative of Tandek”.


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