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School System

The New Zealand education system is based on “all day school” schools. In addition, there are public and private schools, where there is a mixed school or a school for boys / girls only. Traditional school uniforms are always worn during school time, but also in activities that are organized by the school itself. New Zealand has an excellent school system, which includes 13 years of schooling. Each school year is divided into 4 parts each time it is about 10 weeks. About 2 weeks of vacation are in the middle of each time period apart from the holidays from December to the end of January. Unlike us, the school year starts in New Zealand in early February and ends in early / mid December. Entering school in New Zealand is possible at any time for the desired length of time Part 1: Beginning of February – early April Part 2: Early May – Early July Part 3: Mid-July – end of September Part 4: Mid October – mid-December  


The title and division (elementary, secondary, etc.) of the school year is in the “style” of the Zealand. Pupils have the opportunity to specialize in specific subjects. The courses are offered in an academic and practical way. In addition to the usual school subjects, there is the possibility to pursue courses such as tourism, graphic design, marine biology, outdoor education, photography, cooking etc. In addition, a wide range of choices are available for sports enthusiasts such as hockey, rugby, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, athletics and swimming. Depending on the geographical location of the school, activities and sports such as surfing, diving, golf, hiking, snowboarding / skiing are offered by the school. Musical instruments are available from all types of music.  

Academic Counselor

The counselor is available to any student who discusses all matters relating to the school and helps to create a study program based on specific interests. It takes care of all aspects of foreign students and helps them in further school programs in Zealand.

Education and Homestay Fee

Since all schools (including public) foreign students pay school fees and accommodation in host families “Homestay Fee”, which explains a higher program price compared to the US Classic Program in which the school is without free and welcoming families do not receive financial assistance. However, the cost of housing varies from region to region, the program price ultimately depends on your choice of school.

Degree in New Zealand

Students from Albania graduated from high school in Zealand have the option of continuing the University in Zealand or in other countries. Gymnasium diplomas are internationally recognized but in any case contact the Tandek Exchange your mind, to know more about your plan after the gymnasium.

Requirements :

Motivation Letter
Reference Letter
Program Duration 50 hours

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